Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week Two

Glad people liked the email, Loved all of yours.

Say hello to Steve Roland and the missionaries from me!

Want alex and Sammi's emails!  When does Sammi come here?

There's another 'really funny' joke that started where you ask 5th or 6th week missionaries ¨how's you´re first day going? and they get really mad. It's so dumb but it's funny.

I really like coming up with bizarre spanish sentences and testing them out on my teachers

Quiero comer el corazon de una leona
Que darĂ­a para cambiar la naturaleza del diablo?

I like reading proverbs in la Santa Biblia.

Spanish is going very well.

Now inspired to try out switching the subject to waterslides haha.

Always look forward to devotionals. We´ve watched two recorded Holland talks.

Bore my testimony in Spanish about the Mormon Batallion and the Gold rush.

So sweet that Oscar got the part haha. Tell Olive to deny everything.

Teachur es nuestro salvador.

Going to the Temple today, and excited to leave the CCM for the first time.

Two guys in my district called quits and went home which shook everything up. They were cool guys so it was a bummer. Really like my district though.

During gym time, my district plays world cup which is soccer elimintation try to score every man for himself. You have to rep a country and shout the country when you score. I've been Norway. It's fun.

One of my teachers whos really funny made me and Elder Tracy do 50 pushups because we kept calling people "mi sirena".

I like getting cornettos and peachios at la Tienda.

I think a site to send is (I would be stoked if you sent american stamps because they go faster)

Elder Mooney, Elder Watts, Elder Peterson (who went home) and District Leader Elder Nielson.

Elder Tracy dabbing

Elder Mooney- really good at soccer, has identical twin here, really funny

my comp Elder Karren boiiiii

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week One

Notes about 1st week:

So CCM is pronounced Say Say Em Ay I thought that was cool

I remember at the airport in sf talking to the other missionary. We realized we were going to different gates so we were like - good luck on your mission man!- and then parted ways. It was cool.

My companion Elder Karren loves Ted Cruz and guns so we get along super well. He's actually a super nice guy and he bought me peachios. He has a super serious gf that he talks about alot and a like 4 page long patriarchal blessing that he talks about even more. One part says that he'll have a companion who will disobey mission rules and i'm pretty sure he thinks i'm the companion haha. But we talk about utah and Colombia (he's going to Bogota) and mountain biking and leather. Idk how to send pics yet but i'll send soon. He actually had a super rough first week so I had to amp up my comfort skills from day 1.

I love my district. Guys are so funny. Elder Tracy is prob my best friend from the district. We play a game called -what are the odds- that I would play with Alex Lattin - You say -what are the odds you do __dare__ ? They say a number and then you count to 3 and if you both say the same number, they have to do the dare. Mostly we make each other do embarrasing stuff while meeting w investigators haha. In the missionary handbook, page 33 talks about no flirting, so anytime we see any guy and girl talking, we shout PAGE 33. I love my spanish teachers too. My morning teacher is named Wolftown - Villalovos. I'm gonna name my son Wolftown. Me and Elder Tracy always ask him if we can skype him on xmas or if we can by him a ticket to Bogota and we're setting him up with a Spanish Teacher across the hall haha. He's funny. My night teacher also plays the investigator that we meet with. Me and Elder Karren had to give our first spanish visit w him on day 2. I still dont know his name because I just call him Miguel- the name of the investigator he plays. He´s 21 and so funny. Me and Elder Tracy talk to him about his gf and tinder, and his car, and instagram followers. He always jokes with us and tells us hes send us home.

3 meals a day- its insane. Usually rice, chicken, cantelope, beans. I always drink sparkling water w grapfruit juice. Pizza days are tuesday.Sunday has the best food. Good cereal bar.

Spanish is going good and french is helpful. Learning is way faster than learning french but I wish there was more immersion. Everyone should learn Spanish- its way easier than french. You pronounce all the letters, and the r's are easier and most words are either same as enlgish or same as french. conjugation is the hardest.

Our district leader is super cool. Elder Nielson. First impression is a super no nonsense mormon but turns out he likes arcade fire and foxygen, and all these shows i watch and just a super funny, sharp dude. We do core together during gym time or jumprope. He also likes movies but not rated r.  I also like how he talks about mormonism vs everyone else at the ccm. i'm in a room w him and his comp. He's going to Chile, but the rest of the guys in my district are going to Bogota w me. The sisters in my district are going back stateside. Both are really nice and I talk guitar w one of them.

I love showering so i can be alone and I love journal writing and sleep. Super vivid dreams every night.

Idk the ccm address.

Zone leaders are funny and tell us all the beast food to get here.

I use the 100 pesos we get from ccm all the time for snacks and whatever I need.

My p-days are Wednesday and 3 of them at the ccm, ill be going to the temple. I have an hour to email so i'll pack as much as I can.

Very diff then anything ive done.

Sundays are super cool. We watched an old Elder Holland talk. Sundays are more relaxed then all the others. Sacrement meeting and devotional.

The spanish hymn book is super helpful. I use it about 20 times a day.

Me and Elder Tracy say Que pasa calabaza? Whats up pumpkin? to everyone we see. We also say quiero matar! - I want to kill! because it sounds funny.

There are tons of palm trees here and workers who go up in the trees and chop down huge leaves. There are tons of parrots. We hear gun shots all night in the surrounding Mexico City haha. We were here during Mexico Independence day. Super cool celebration performance w all these mexcian dances. Maybe you can see pics on the ccm site. But the coolest part was seeing fireworks over the city. The ccm is huge but super walled off. Really wished I could go out and party. Mornings are really pretty. The ccm is right next to a mountain coved with houses that light upat night. Very green. It rains a lot too.

Probably forgetting a ton.

I miss everyone

Elder Tigre Santo