Monday, April 24, 2017

Week Thirty One

My new area is called PINAR 1

-First things first, everyone is telling me Trump sent the mother of all bombs to Syria? IDK whats happening.1 

-big ward2 
-everybody lives in apartments
-everyone has $$$$
-ELDER FERRADA He's super cool, takes everything with COURAGE AND GRACE UNDER PRESSURE
-Theres a member in our ward who served his mission on easter island
-Elder Madeja is in my district and speaks 6 languages 3 
-We helped a fam move to a new apartment on the 5th floor it was insane prob hardest move ive ever participated in. 
-One cool thing: theres a member from Barbosa named Lenin (19). He would also go with us to lessons, he's a good friend. He moved to Medellin and then moved to Bogota and now he's in my ward lol. We saw each other and our jaws dropped.
-you run like a herd of luminous deer but I AM DARK I AM FOREST

Idk it's cool to have a new area, start from square 1 again. Barbosa was the image I had of what Colombia would be like but this area feels more like a generic city.

1. will I be recruited after my mission?
2. 120+
3. japanese, english, spanish, tagalog - don't know other 2

Miss you guys

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week Thirty

We had an open house in Tunja. Elder Crandell and I were out on the streets again trying to get people in. I had to get on my knees a few times but got a good amount in.

The next morning we went with the Tunja elders to Banco de la Republica- a library that used to be a bank that used to be a prison that used to be a monasterio. Very big and wooden. Old books that smelt good. There is a legend of a headless monk from the monasterio who haunted prisoners. A statue of the headless monk is on a balcony in the library.

We had cambios. I left Barbosa and Elder Guerra. I went to Elder Guerra's last area w his last comp lol. Suba- Bogota with Elder Ferada from Chile. I've only known him a couple hours but seems cool.

Said goodbyes in Barbosa. Really loved Barbosa. We met super cool people in the last couple weeks so I'm bummed I'm leaving now.

Also went to Togui, a tiny village with 4 rivers.

Also we got a call that Elder Zambrano was coming to the Babrosa house. Elder Zambrano is a senior missionary who checks missionary houses and destroys missionaries. We had a day to clean the house before he came. We cleaned like 6 hours and the house looked so good. He came the next morning. I was so sure he would be proud of our work. He managed to find every particle of dust in the house, every wrinkle. It was crazy. He took us into our study room and made us read every verse of scripture with the word "clean" and then explain them to him.

Me with a man named Joselito in a town called Togui.

woody the cowboy to haunt your dreams

me at la Zarsa in Boyaca


Diego teaching english- padawan becomes jedi

elder crandell

this soup destroyed me i went to the bathroom 80 times

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week Twenty Nine

week report

Mudslides? I have no idea I havent' heard anything.

This week I splurged on a Dove Beauty Bar ™ (this is NOT sponsored by Dove)

Crazy stuff-

Lady shouted at us MORMON MEANS ROAD TO HELL YOU BOTH ARE GOING TO HELL!!!! and Elder Guerra got pissed. They were shouting at each other for a bit.

Elder Guerra and I were talking about La Llorona. A legend from Mexico. A demon spirit woman who walks down rivers looking for her lost children. I heard about it in the Mexico MTC. Elder Guerra told me the way to summon her was to step in a river barefoot and say "aqui esta su hijo" (your child is here). So we decided to summon her because we were close to the river Suarez.

First we visited a less active named Mirian Peña and I asked her about La Llorona and she said tons of people have sighted her in Barbosa. La Llorona is very beautiful, long black hair, wears white (but Mirian Peñas' son saw her wearing a colorful dress).

So anyway, we walked down to the river. Half moon in the sky. It was dark. I took off my shoes and then Elder Guerra got stressed. He told me it was a commandment that we couldn't summon spirits. I asked him where it says that in the scriptures and we both got mad. I was tempted to still summon her but didn't. We left and then shared voodoo stories. Elder Guerra has good ones from Panama

But we have been going ham in Barbosa. We have 14 investigators with baptismal dates.

We helped move a house of the cousin of a member. Good easy move- not too much stuff. His mom had recently died and she left all her crosses.

For pday we went to Zarza Boyaca. 14km hike following a big waterfall. It was pretty. Look it up

Watched Conf - President Monson is old.

Learsi rof harruh

Elder Blair