Monday, May 29, 2017

Week Thirty Seven

Week Report

This week was cool

My new comp is 3 transfers in. He’s from Argentina, he’s escaped cops on his motorcycle twice.

I pretty much can do whatever I want because my comp is down for anything and doesn’t know the area.

Stuff i ate:

breakfast - i always make a fried egg bacon sandwich. Some times swiss miss (praise the lawd).

lunch - we eat with members. I still don’t know where a lot of the members live so this cambio is a lot of running around. They usually give rice chicken platanos potatoes juice beans.

There are a ton of awesome parks in my area. We have been taking my drone to the parks to contact and all the kids come running up with their parents. It’s the best.

[Ralph sent a short report (above), but also messaged. Messaging transcript below.]


the drone is awesome
we used it contacting in a park
a ton of people came
i had to get it shipped from falabela
super complicated
they had see my visa and everything
but its awesome
it ran into this kids stomach it was so funny
yeah i went to some macys type store and had them order it in

im district leader
honestly for me its not even a big deal
so what i dont even think im a hero
ok so what my president trusts me in the hands of SIX MISSIONARIES i dont care
no im not a hero
im not a hero!

haha oh my gosh you guys im not a hero!
All that seminary really paid off, I guess.
haha sorry

i saw maude saw charles

ive been
staring at the edge of the water...
long as i can remember

i wish
i could be the perfect daughter
all the missionaries downloaded moana
we all sing it now


pday today @ plaza bolivar

Trying to think of other stuff i did this week
but sent part of a letter
My comp is 3 transfers or 4 behind me
the six missionaries in my district are from bolivia peru argentina usa
2 sisters in my district
sisters can't be disrict or zone leaders
the sisters can be hermana capacitadoras
they give trainings in confs
the castellanos fam gave me a film camera
i love the castellanos fam

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week Thirty Six

[Ralph didn't send a regular email report, but he messaged. Transcript below.]

today was my last day with Elder Ferrara from Chile
he went to cucuta by venezuela border
now another argentinian
forgot my comps name and cant see his tag lol
im finally the comp w more time
my comp has been out 3 transfers
yep still staying suba bogota
i love this area
i just love my invs (investigators)
i love my invs like family
i teach them 2 to 3 times a week
there are a few families and a handful of single persons of siblings or couples
dude are you guys getting tesla solar panels or what
yes yes YES
maude comes home this week_
are you guys going anywhere this summer
do you guys have favorite essays i can print
jesus was a nonconformist
annie dillard sounds awesome

back to investigators
everyone always gives us things to drink or food just really good people really hard workers that make time for us
the castellanos family is awesome
its like all these adult siblings
who are always at there sister marias house

we have rough stone rolling right
missionaries only talk about bom, preach my gospel, jesus the christ
you guys should move to otavalo
honestly colombia is the best south america has
ecuador sounds awesome
tons of missionaries from there here
got to go
move to isla los roques in venezuela
or cuba

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week Thirty Four

w e e k  r e p o r t


------> Happy birthday June and Betty $$$$$$$$

Week was cool

I asked my comp Elder Ferrada if he believed in mermaids and he said "yes, because the ocean is huge, but they are prob more like fish than humans"

We visited the Hoyos family. Their neighbor Louis is always there. He was in the us army in Israel in (91?) but he was showing me these letters he got from a lover in Paris named Iris. They were in English so he wanted me to translate them for him. But they were super personal letters so it was kind of awkward.

Pretty much all our investigators need to get married and to get married you need your original birth certificate and for some reason, all our investigators have their documents 12 hours away in the coast so we had a few mtgs where we made people call their moms to send them their documents. It was funny... ...?

We had a service with the zone leaders originally to move wood cutters, but we got their when the cutters had already been moved so we just cleaned sawdust. And they only had 2 brooms so we cleaned w machetes which was good.

ill try to think of other stuff.