Monday, July 24, 2017

Week Forty Five

This week was good.

Really love my area. I'm almost positive I'll be leaving in about 3 weeks for transfers and I'm bummed.

We had a multi-zone conference. It was cool because I saw my old comp, Elder Guerra. He's out of Barbosa and back in Bogota now. We talked about all our favorite families in Barbosa.

The assistants gave a training on teaching 5-minute lessons.

One investigator we have is named Orlis. He's pretty much a member. He isn't because he's not married and his birth certificate (which he needs to get married) is on the coast. But this week some of his childhood friends moved into our area. They didn't bring anything -no beds nothing. Orlis called me and asked us for help. We were with the Chona family (my favorite member family). The mom Crisitina Chona (she is the mom of all the missionaries) immediately was like "I have a bed". There are very few cars here so we took apart the bed and walked all the parts across the area to the house. It was cool.

We had a cool FHE. Last week during lunch with the Horta family, we scheduled an FHE. Then me and Elder Kelly asked if we could go knock the doors of all their neighbors w them to invite for the FHE. Horta family was down so we went. A few neighbors said yes. A few days later when we had the FHE, they all showed up. It was cool. We just shared something about forgiveness because that always makes people talk.

Today was my comp, Elder Teijeira's birthday. He had never had a party for his birthday before so we had to go ALL OUT. I coordinated with Crisitina Chona. I told her I wanted to rent a mariachi band and she freaked out. We kept everything secret from my comp. On Sunday we invited tons of members and investigators. We tried to rent the social room of Crisitina's apartment complex. It wasn't available so we organized everything for her house. Crisitina and Alex remind me of you guys because they're really good hosts.

So today everyone arrived and we were all eating lunch. Then trumpet starts playing in the hall and everyone freaks out. The mariachi band came in and went all out. Elder Teijeira was shocked. The band tried to get him to dance and everyone shouted NOOO then a couple of our investigators got up and danced in his place. It was a super sensual dance so all the missionaries had to look away. My zone leaders were there. I think they were pissed. After the mariachi band left ,a food fight broke out. Flour and eggs were everywhere. Once things calmed down we cleaned and Crisitina let me take a shower. It was a crazy day.

We also had the baptism of Valentina Castellanos on Saturday. She's an 18 year old single mother. She's the niece of Maria Castellanos. Two months ago she told us she would never join the church because she was ALL ABOUT THAT CLUB LIFE. But a few weeks ago she was like, "nevermind". She had a pretty huge change of heart. The cool thing was that like 60 people showed up. We invited all the missionaries in our zone and I asked Elder Johnstun (who plays the violin) to work out a special number. Turned out super cool.

Miss you guys thinking about you guys more than usual.

Elder Blair