Monday, July 31, 2017

Week Forty Six

Lots of stuff this week

On Tuesday I felt like I was pregnant. Our investigators took care of me though. Had lots of soup and medicine. I got in my bed and pretty much passed out but I woke up Wednesday #justasnew. But I woke up Thursday with a nasty cold, so Heaven is playing dirty mind tricks on me.

The Spanish birthday song is pretty good.

English trans:

We hope you have a happy birthday
We hope you have a birthday again
we hope you keep on having birthdays
until you hit 100k years

There was a big Stake activity. Blood Drive and Employment fair. There was a big showing and we were there helping all Friday. All the missionaries were exhausted after.

Everyone here has these spinner toys now. Probs in the U.S. too.

We had a pretty awesome FHE with the Gomez Rodriguez family. The cool part is that all the neighborhood kids came.

There are mini soccer courts everywhere in Colombia. In my area there is easily one every block. So that's an idea if america want to amp up its soccer game. It's the same principle as Bern Switzerland — its so clean because there are trash cans every 3 feet.

One kind of weird thing is that I always feel guilty. I'm pretty good about being obedient to the mission rules too, but I always feel guilty.

In Colombia I've heard 3 main types of music more than anything — regeton, ballenato, bachata. A great regeton song is Rehuso. A great bachata song is Romeo Santos- 7 dias. A great ballenato song is Nelson Velasquez - Entregarme tu amor.

One of our investigators who disappeared for 3 months showed up again. Santiago. He is 21. He only has time for visits super early in the morning but we had an awesome visit this week, with 4 young adults from the ward. Santiago always answers the phone pissed and then when he realizes he's talking with us he's like YOOO WHATS UUUPPPP?!

We also have been visiting Maria Fernanda. She is 14 and from a less active family who comes to church now. She's super cool and reminds of Olive so I always like visiting her family.

Miss you guys hope you keep on having birthdays till you hit 100,000 years.

Elder Blair