Monday, July 10, 2017

Week Forty Three


The Tobon family are from Medellin. We helped them do their taxes. Medellin is famous for best looking people (called Paisas). Brother Tobon is the ambulance driver and he hooked me up with a pair of the blood proof pants he has.

Two months ago we were walking around and saw this dude setting up a trampoline so we helped him. After we asked if we could visit or whatever and he asked for our number because his brother might be interested (i.e. nope). But this week his brother called us. His name is Jesus his wife is named Naigibe and they have 2 kids. Really nice family.

Jesus wants help giving up cigarettes. We are going to their farm to pick clementines.

I'm going ham on old testament this morning, Joshua 2: Prostitute saves Israelite spies.

More visits with Rodriguez family (we are like therapists to he dad who was in the army for awhile). He told us his general got killed by a dead dog filled with explosives. He also showed us a photo album of his Dad who looks like Al Pacino  (and once got arrested in Miami after being mistaken for a mafia boss). While we were looking, CON TE PARTIRO was playing.

Had an FHE with the Hoyos family. They are in a stressful time because their son got in a drunk driving accident and owes a lot of money now. We made a ton of quesadillas and we used the taco mix. I think it was a good break for them.

Lately I've been doing stream of consciousness journaling. I read that Rivers Cuomo does it to write songs. It's pretty cool though and lots of weird ideas come out of it.

There is one family we visited with the bishop. Bishop asked the couple what their doubts were about marriage and the dad said if it weren't for their kids he wouldn't be with her. There's lots of strangely intense moments where I feel awkward and I feel like I'm forced to be a part of the most intimate problems of people. A lot of the time it just makes me sad.

But i just remember the wise words of Lorde:

We are on each others team.

Pope Francis coming in August .

Elder Blair