Monday, July 3, 2017

Week Forty Two

A lot of stuff happened this week.

A ton of my friends finished their missions this week.

Tons of people in the zone are getting sick too. Elder Flores got appendicitis and was hospitalized hashtagmadeline. He's out now. Hermana Ttito is in my district and she passed out in sacrament meeting. All good now though.

We visited Edgar Rodriguez more this week. I'm pretty sure we're like his therapists. He always tells us really crazy long experiences. I think he finally has people to talk to.

Met this Venezuelan dude who moved here 3 months ago. Made friends with him. He told us his sisters were arriving from Venezuela this week. Then his sister called us a few days later. We met up with all of the family and they told us all these Venezuelan words and what's going on there. They call popcorn "kotufa".

Big gang in my area got taken down. Like 40 people went to jail. Villa Hermosa is way quieter now.

Today we went with the Chona family and an RM Elder Nebeker to Monserrate. Tons of people working out, ton of praying

There are a lot of street venders who sell mango with lime juice and salt and pepper. SO GOOD.

I have 3 months in this area. I'm here at least 1 more cambio. Thinking about asking Pres. Laney for 2 more because I like it lot.

I want to buy bagpipes.

$ july we are making burgers and cookies with investigators.

Had baptism of Luz Castellanos. Tons of people showed up. It was awesome. Luz seemed happy about it.

Miss you guys a ton.

Elder Blair