Monday, July 17, 2017

Week Forty Four

Week Report

Holy crap thank you for the MUJI pens. Also LETTERS FROM ALL THE PRIMARY KIDS that blew my mind.

This week was cool.

We had an activity with the Colombia MTC elders again. I was with an Elder from Puerto Rico and another from Peru. The goal is to show them what the mission field is like. They did good despite doing weird stuff like contacting 6 year olds. It was a fun day though. I took them up to Tuna Alta which is a ghetto in the mountains. We met a gangsta named El Tigre.

Met Pedro. He's the owner of a fruit shop. We were buying peaches and started talking with him. Really funny guy. We go to his shop everyday now and help him package platanos. We also met his family. They are all Paisas.

I had splits with Zone Leader Elder Kelly. We met up with his investigator Allan who is from NY. He took us to get a bite to eat. Allan told us to order whatever we wanted. I got a Maracuya juice. Elder Kelly took a minute to decide and then said, "I think ill have...the banana split." Then I realized I'm wasting my life.

We made Milanessa with Fernei and Luz Dary Castellanos. Cut my finger peeling potatoes and Luz Dary scolded me. Fernei is Maria Castellanos' brother. This week I met their sister Nelly and now I know the whole family (8 siblings).

My comp lost his voice this week which made for weird loss of balance while teaching lessons. Hes doing better though.

We visited Osorio. Osorio lived in Israel for awhile (I think iIwrote about translating letters from his french lover Iris). Osorio is one of my favorite people in Colombia maybe in the world. All his family lives in the coast 20 hour travel away. But this week his 21 year old daughter is visiting him. So we visited them because he wanted to introduce us. His daughter Camila gave us some Candies from Barranquilla. They gave us soup. Osorio's house is pretty much 1 room about half the size of me and Oscars bedroom. I like Osorios lifestyle a lot though. Also he wants an American Flag. I told him I'd ask you guys for help.

Trying to think of other stuff. Things going good. Sad to miss color factory dios mio.

Miss everyone hope all is well.

Elder Blair